Special Electrical Upgrade Projects

Special Levy Electrical Upgrade Project
In order to ensure we have a constant supply of power and street lights that shine brightly in the evenings there is a much needed upgrade required which has been discussed and agreed upon by VGCPORA.

This project will be broken up into phases to ensure we upgrade all areas to ensure we can have a constant reliable supply of power to the estate.

NO major upgrades have been done for the past 15 plus years, the cable is old, RMU;s are old and outdated and need to be replaced with newer reliable technology.

Planned or Preventative Maintenance Programs (PMP) needs to be implemented. The substation needs to be serviced on a quarterly basis to ensure we have a constants supply of power. These upgrades are crucial and without these it can take another five plus years to get these systems maintained and in good reliable working order. As a property owner, resident or tenant in VGC Estate it is crucial that we do this upgrade.

Estimated Project costs N 111 Million.

A brief breakdown
Street Light Poles
= 730 (around 56 are either missing or been removed or damaged and need replacing.

Street Lights = 820 in total, this include the poles that have two street lights on them. There are far too many different kind of street light heads and it makes it very difficult to keep spare parts, so are really old and are no longer been manufactured which means parts are not available. It is recommended that we have one range of these products using 250 Watt Sodium type bulbs.

Street Light Kiosk – VGC has 20 of these.

Cabling is old and has many joints which has weakened the constant supply of power to the poles, some areas have no street lights because cabling is really old and has not been maintained. It has been estimated that around 7.6 KM of cable is required.

RMU’s VGC Estate has 29 RMU’s to replace these it will around N 8.2 Million per RMU, we have only Identified 5 that require urgent attention to ensure we have a constant supply of power. These RMU’s were manufactured in 1963/4 they are old and outdated. These also have an impact on the cost of electricity supply to the individual houses.

Transformers – VGC has 61btransformers including the 15 MVA Transformer at the substation and the recently new 15 MVA Transformer that has replaced the old 7.5 MVA.

Feeder Pillar Boxes – VGC has a total of 184 feeder pillar boxes.

Park Light fittings – 373 in total between both parks, these are really old and have NOT been maintained at all. Cabling has to be replaced in almost all areas.

Substation – surprisingly almost 80% of the residents that I have met did not even know we have a substation. We do have fairly modern technology in this area and constant upgrades are required on a yearly basis.

By upgrading these residents will see the benefits in the long term as discussions have been taking place with relevant authorities that when they take over VGC they will have less problems to deal with and could therefore offer residents lower rates over a long period for all residents to benefit from their small investment of N 75,000.00.

Further details will be discussed at future meetings in the near future so please keep watching this space for full details coming soon,

PHASE 1 – Electrical Upgrade Project
Commencement date: 16th July 2014
Completion date: 5th September 214.

Brief details
Upgrading of the substation switchgear panels, replacing 7.5 MVA Transformer with a 15 MVA Transformer, replacing of cabling 2,5 km of new cabling, replacing street poles, new light fittings, bulbs etc. 345 units in total, 300 new bulbs, igniers and chokes and 45 brand new heads all 250 watt sodium type have been replaced.

Project Budget:
N34 Million



Substation Switch gear repairs and replacement of the Bus Copular

Transformers 7.5 MVA & 15 MVA

Removing the 7.5 MVA & the new 15 MVA arriving

New 15 MVA been placed into position



New cable arriving & been mounted for cutting

Electrical Team VGCMMCL & Zion Grace Team Pavers & Diggers




Street Lights stock arriving



RMU Bushings Before & After

RMU LUGS Before & After

RMU Complete Unit Before & After








VGC Video

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