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Greetings residents of VGC Estate. Firstly I want to congratulate the new Chairman, Vice Chairman and their EXCO committee members on their recent victory. It has been almost 2 months now that I have had the honour of working with them. I can promise you all that we are in truly good hands and nothing but the estate and the resident’s interest has been taken into account at all times. I, personally, am very excited and I am certain that all will be as excited as I am when we share with you what we plan on achieving. In a presentation to the EXCO a used a famous quote by a very famous explorer, “failing to plan is planning to fail”. We have a plan and we are planning not to fail.

Secondly, I want to take this opportunity of apologising for not communicating as much as I would have like to have. I have had the privilege of meeting many residents and I have mentioned to many of them the importance of communication. I therefore apologise for not doing this more often.

We have had some challenges with the website and we are constantly working on making the website more active and user friendly as well as one of our major communication channels. Please note I used the word ONE of our ways. Watch this space.

Our newly elected Chairman, Arc. OPA Ladega recently pointed out to me that we have three (3) generations of families in VGC and we have to look at all ways and means of communicating with all. This we promise to fulfil.

My team and I have been faced with many challenges over the past few months and yet we have managed to overcome most of these challenges. I say this with a smile on my face; I cannot wait to show what we are capable of achieving when we have all the right, tools, machinery, systems and funds in place.

Thirdly, I would also like to take this opportunity of introducing our newly appointed Chief Security Officer (CSO), Mr Musa Mohammed. After a very shaking start and a resident asking me not to take the action I was originally going to take against him, I am glad to report that I am very happy that I listened to that resident. Musa has truly made brilliant decisions in almost all areas and the willingness and eagerness to make ALL residents sleep well at night is really an asset to our Estate. I beg with all to please support him and his team and I can promise you he will not let you down and he will make things even better.

My first year was to focus on power and as mentioned power is the Life Blood of the estate, without this we cannot achieve the other results we want to achieve. I am sure all will agree that we have had a really good supply of power over the past few months and I have even had residents come in and say they have had to buy new batteries for their generators. The smiles on the residents faces says a thousand words and more and this makes me happy. If you recall my first message I posted on the website, I wanted Happy Residents, well we have started seeing Happy Residents.

The street lights have improved and we completed phase 2 and the report is available on the website to view. We are almost at the 100% street lights working in VGC. I must please ask that we all be patient as we could not do ALL new cable and from time to time you will see areas going out, this is when the old cable cannot handle the new cable current, or cables that have had small holes in them and they now cause, what we call a cable burnout. To repair these depending on the locations can take us up to 5 days but we do try and get it done within the 48 hour timeframe. Like I said it all depends on the locations, some cables might only have one driveway while other locations would have up to 10 driveways and this takes time to replace neatly and properly.

Keeping the estate clean has also been a major challenge for us. We have had major issues and challenges with the waste collections and the cutting and keeping clean of the undeveloped plots / vacant plots, again I appeal to all too please be patient with us as we are really trying our hardest to satisfy all hopefully you will soon see some of the changes starting to take place and improvements in other areas.

Finally, I would like to appeal to ALL our residents to please help me, the GM. Yes I am asking for help from residents. I made a promise last year that I will try my best to have a much improved Christmas lights display this year. I don’t like not keeping promises. The delays in our national elections and the delays in VGCPORA elections has been one of the major obstacles in my way and has now put me in a position that I would need to ask for the residents help.

I need to raise N 10 Million to put up a really good display this year. I must tell you that I have had this reduced drastically already. However I do not want to compromise quality for pricing. I know we would be the talk of Lagos if we can achieve what I hope to achieve. I would appreciate it if any of our residents and or their companies are willing to help me achieve this goal, it would really mean a lot to me and my team. We have really tried hard to achieve our goals despite all the challenges and if I can get this right I am really convinced we will see major steps in the right direction. Please look at the link on the top of the page called Projects then click on Prospective Projects and you will see images of what we are trying to achieve this Christmas.

Let me know if you think it will be a good idea to run a competition in VGC for the best Christmas lights in the estate, we would have categories, small, medium and large e.g. Please vote on the link your opinion matters. I would love to see 100 plus votes.

To our Muslim and other religion residents, I apologise for not been able to do something now but I would beg that you please contact me and arrange a meeting with me and we can see what we can plan for you in the coming months. These things do take time and planning is crucial, failing to plan is planning to fail remember. Please help me in arranging something.

You are welcome to contact me and if you do not wish to be mentioned I can promise you it will be kept confidential.

Residents I thank you all for your support and I can promise you my team and I and even the NEW EXCO members are working hard at achieving our goals and objectives in making VGC “paradise by the lagoon” once more.

Vaughan Edwards
General Manager


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