Services and Operations

Attending to residents requests, problems and concerns, liaising with various key suppliers, management of the estates infrastructure such as water, power, waste management disposal, roads and communications etc. Issuing of statements for maintenance fees, liaising and managing the registered Estate agents licensed to operate within VGC Estate when residents are wanting to sell or new owners want to buy etc.

Our internal security task force consists of a HOD of Security, Security Management / Supervisors Team, Armed Guard Unit, Security Guards and Guards. In total we have a task force of 26 staff members.

Landscaping & Gardening
Residents please note that we can offer these services to you as residents as well. Are staff are well trained and headed up by our experience head landscaper. Using our team limits the RISK of getting outsiders into VGC Estate thus reducing Security concerns, all staff are vetted and confirmed before been employed.

Fire Department & HSE (Health Safety & Environmental)
Our Fire Department handles all major fire outbreaks within VGC Estate and are sometimes called out to help out in emergency situations. Our HOD has also completed various high level course on Health, Safety and Environmental international standards.

Cleaning Department
We offer the following cleaning services:- cleaning of drains, streets, vacant plots, Fumigation & Pest Control and or gardens and parks. These services can once again be offered to residents.

Development & Control
Our department liaises with all new developments, upgrades, alterations and or extensions to all residents wanting to do any form of alterations. We have a dedicated registered architectural firm that can assist any residents with the required documents when applying for alterations and or developments within VGC Estate.

Maintenance & Emergency Services
For all your after hour emergency services we have an Electrician, Mechanic (Generators), Plumber, Carpenter and AC Mechanic on standby that could perhaps help you out in those emergency situations. PLEASE NOTE that there is a minimal call out charge of N 4,500.00 for these services. These services are available between 18Hoo to 23H00 Monday to Friday and Saturdays 08H00 to 14H00

Welcome Centre
Welcome Centre is a place where ALL visitors coming into VGC Estate have to be cleared before going into the residential areas. All residents are advised to visit the Welcome Centre to cross check if their house addresses and phone numbers are registered with the Welcome Centre system for easy communications. This medium will enable the Welcome Centre operatives to contact residents from our system for their consent and approval before the visitor will be granted access into the Estate. Residents are advised to inform their visitors to kindly stop over at the Welcome Centre for clearance and tags to enter the Estate without this they will not be allowed to enter the Estate. Also residents can call the Welcome Centre lines to book ahead for any of the visitors they are expecting, in case they will not be available to answer calls when we call. All residents can as well call the Welcome Centre lines for any enquiries, report and security observations. The Welcome Centre operations commences from 7am to 7pm daily, including Saturdays and Sundays

Use of Parks
Modality set out for this service is basically for residents use only. When an interest is indicated, the concerned person is to visit VMMCL offices to obtain a use of park form which comes with the rules & regulations and pays a fixed amount for the service.  After which he/she signs the agreement bid and completes the form which is to be returned.  A confirmation letter is issued to state that the date is booked for that venue.

Closing time for all events at the park is also stipulated on the regulation form which is 20h00 which has to be observed by the user to avoid any disruption.

Rubble Removal Services
Why pay a fine when you can have your rubbled removed by our cleaning department for as little as N 15 000.00 per 1 ton load, contact us at the VGCMMCL Offices for more details.





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